In 2020 #WeAre using the arts and artists to connect communities to the power of their Voice, and collective Vote. We are partnering with local charities in states like Florida and Michigan to hold voter Registration/Education events. It’s important for us all to use our vote for the betterment of our communities. Join us by registering below. And if you are already registered to vote, we’re asking each other to pledge to use your vote, get out to the polls, and encourage our friends and family to do the same!


Vote Together

#WeAreTheVote is about more than registering voters, it’s about engaging them in the power that collective advocacy provides. WeAre building connections between organizations in communities that will create a lasting impact beyond the 2020 election. #WeAreTheVote2020 starts in Florida and Michigan.

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In February 2020 the WeAre Foundation, in partnership with Headcount, and Hamilton the Musical, headed to Florida to begin registering and pledging people to vote while discussing local and national issues most important to their communities. WeAre also began it's Practicum Tour in South Florida!

Showering Love Health Fair, United Church of Christ (February 20th)

University of Miami Practicum, U of M (February 21th)

Hamilton Voter Registration, Adrienne Arsht Center (February 22th)

University of Miami Voter Registration, Lakeside Patio (March 2nd)

New York Film Academy Practicum, NYFA South Beach (March 5th)

Florida International University Practicum, FIU (March 6th)




July through November, WeAre is co-curating monthly voter engagement events in Genesee County (Flint, MI) and Wayne County (Detroit, MI). We are partnering with local nonprofits, beginning with the Flint Water Festival on July 4th and ending with our final #WeAreTheVote2020 Concert on November 1st. Each initiative, deployed monthly, is built to significantly increase the number of citizens exercising their right to vote on November 3rd 2020.

July 4th – Flint Water Festival – Flint

August TBD – #WeAreTheChildren Rally – Detroit

September 25th – #WeAre + Smart Funny & Black, Detroit

October Practicum Series, Dates TBD:

– Eastern Michigan University  – Ypsilanti

– Henry Ford College  – Dearborn

University of Michigan  – Dearborn

– Wayne State – Detroit

November 1st – #WeAreTheVote Concert – Detroit


WeAre Practicums

The #WeArePracticum is a discussion lead by #WeAre Ambassadors on Arts & Activism, or Activism & Civic Duty. These are held in scholastic settings (high schools and universities) to engage young people in answering their own questions about the world they see around them. At each, we hope to ignite attendees into action in their communities with thoughts and tools.

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We couldn’t do this without our supporters. There are many ways to help the #WeAre Foundation, and donations are an important one. All donations go directly toward our operational costs and initiatives.

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